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History and culture of New Bavaria

On the edge of Earth and Neutral space the world "Nochtal" has been a layover for raiders, traders, and merchants for decades, or longer. In 2195 the first permanent colonists from EU came under the umbrella of Aufsteigende Gesellschaft to form an Off-World headquarters and research facility while still having the protection of the Earth Alliance.

The world is also home to an independent Centauri "Trading" colony which keeps a respectable distance from the village proper and any "business" is conducted off the planet and not with Earth transports. The group is led by a Lady Eva who is family elder and "seer" for House Zeleena.

There is a local sentient race of humanoids who live feral in the Svalich woods. Based on their appearance and natural inclinations the locals have come to call them Elves.  The relations have always been cold but in the recent years some armed incursions on the village have occurred leading to bounties by Earthforce for the capture or elimination of "aggressive" locals.

The Village and surrounding homesteads are fairly low-tech and the culture is decidedly agrarian. The locals fancy this land a new Europe with a magical sensation and almost no conflict. The homestead owners are blessed with lush lands and content workers. The people have security and prosperity and simplicity.  The local mine and transport are more utilitarian then the countryside or village and focus on shipments and quotas.

Aufsteigende Gesellschaft construction of Rabenstein Castle and research facility is the ultimate synergy between ancient German architecture and ultramodern technology. The castle has the veneer of a medieval stronghold and the  technology that blurs the line with magic. From here the corporation is planning a whole new line of bio-tech to help people transcend their limited mortal coil and frailty.

Main Page

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